Saturday 19 November 2022

November 19, 2022 - How I Spent My 5th Birthday

Here we go: Extensive walkies in the morning with my hooman, met some dogs and we trained 'find the treat'.  Nice breakfast with a special beef mixture. Yummie ! Resting with my other hooman until we went for an afternoon walkies by the lake. There I found the most seducing perfume in a field and couldn't resist but roll six times. I looked like a mess but was very happy 😊. 

Then...some playing at home, a snack at tea time, resting for the party, cuddles and belly rubs. The living room was nicely decorated with balloons and a Happy Birthday garland 🎈 I also put on my bling-bling collar. 

At 18h an early walk to the bus stop to pick up one of my favourite hoomans, and when we returned home the other guests had already arrived for dinner. No dogs at my party, but the owners of my best friends who are all my favourite hoomans also. I was the center of the attention !! I received yummie presents and an even yummier birthday cake.

All my favourite hoomans cuddled with me and when it was time for a toast on me, I was presented with the birthday cake and was allowed to eat it in the living room straight away. Phew, though it was small, it was still too much for me.  Happy with a full belly, I now needed to rest, and while all my favourite hoomans had dinner, I was snoozing off over their chatter on the sofa. 

Later we drove one of the guests home and walked with her a quick round late at night where she lives. I followed one more cat trail, before we returned home for a good nights rest. 

So now I'm 5. In hooman years this is 40. Well, best age, I guess 😉

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