Sunday 12 June 2022

The Monster Bone

Chewing on bones is good for the teeth and prevents plaque, right? That stuff from the pet shops I don't like, but I do chew pigs ears or dried bovine scalp. My groomer recommended veal bones and showed a big bone that her Westies chew on every other day for 30 minutes (longer will cause muscle pain in the jaws), so I was presented with this monster bone, veal thighbone, definitely 40 cms long, smoked. 

Tempting smell but what am I going to do with it. Started licking it at first, then chewed on the meaty leftovers, or rather tendons. 

How did my groomer's Westies manage to bite such a beast! Not for me, I demonstrated disinterest after about six sessions. Now dogs from friends' pack are enjoying that dinosaur bone.

An alternative recommendation would be "Kalbsschlesinger" (no English translation here), which it's veal cartilage, but doesn't contain as much calcium as the real bone. However, will try that soon.

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