Sunday, 5 June 2022

Sleeping Over

My family flew to London to attend a wedding. I couldn't come along as they're fostering a traumatised Great Dane in the house. Oh my, that would have been an encounter of the third kind. I don't feel comfortable around big dogs anyway 😬.

My walkies buddies Paco and Aysha's family took me in for 5 days. That was my first sleep over with another family since I've come to Switzerland a bit more than a year ago. 

Paco, the Westie boy, was not always happy about it and growled every now and then. And I thought he was my friend. Oh well, out in the fields we get along great. Aysha couldn't care less, she's friendly with everybody. 

But was a good girl and always try to fit in whenever and wherever I can. I heard that my buddies' family was very pleased about my good behaviour. 😊

Photo Sylvia G. - waiting for foooooood

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