Thursday, 30 June 2022

Monday, 27 June 2022

Miss Scully

Having a visitor for a week. Miss Scully's daddies are travelling for a week. Scully will be 7 years old this September, a bit smaller than me, born in a kennel in the South of Germany. 

Scully likes to be the boss. I'm a polite girl and only growl at her when she's going too far. She also is obsessed with kitchens, hoping for some extra food. We get along ok, walk with each other, respect each other, but we don't go as far as playing. two bitches, hu !


Sunday, 12 June 2022

The Monster Bone

Chewing on bones is good for the teeth and prevents plaque, right? That stuff from the pet shops I don't like, but I do chew pigs ears or dried bovine scalp. My groomer recommended veal bones and showed a big bone that her Westies chew on every other day for 30 minutes (longer will cause muscle pain in the jaws), so I was presented with this monster bone, veal thighbone, definitely 40 cms long, smoked. 

Tempting smell but what am I going to do with it. Started licking it at first, then chewed on the meaty leftovers, or rather tendons. 

How did my groomer's Westies manage to bite such a beast! Not for me, I demonstrated disinterest after about six sessions. Now dogs from friends' pack are enjoying that dinosaur bone.

An alternative recommendation would be "Kalbsschlesinger" (no English translation here), which it's veal cartilage, but doesn't contain as much calcium as the real bone. However, will try that soon.

Friday, 10 June 2022

Sniffing Panorama

A beautiful sunny day, perfect for sniffing in the fields. Nice? 🐶

Panorama view from 'Männliacher', Maur

Sunday, 5 June 2022

Sleeping Over

My family flew to London to attend a wedding. I couldn't come along as they're fostering a traumatised Great Dane in the house. Oh my, that would have been an encounter of the third kind. I don't feel comfortable around big dogs anyway 😬.

My walkies buddies Paco and Aysha's family took me in for 5 days. That was my first sleep over with another family since I've come to Switzerland a bit more than a year ago. 

Paco, the Westie boy, was not always happy about it and growled every now and then. And I thought he was my friend. Oh well, out in the fields we get along great. Aysha couldn't care less, she's friendly with everybody. 

But was a good girl and always try to fit in whenever and wherever I can. I heard that my buddies' family was very pleased about my good behaviour. 😊

Photo Sylvia G. - waiting for foooooood