Thursday, 12 May 2022

Out and About with my Friends

Today was a very sunny and warm day (which I, as a Scottish girl, do not like it too hot). But chasing around with my friends is just too much fun. We drove up the hill and parked at the shooting range. Yes, the Swiss men are obliged to go shooting regularly as long as they're in the army's reserve. No shooting today though. 

On a field we came by, a farmer had harvested whatever crop grew there before and was now distributing some dusty fertiliser, probably from a chicken farm with all those white feathers on the ground. That got Aysha and Cocoa on the plan. They pelted across the field, ignoring the farmer's large trailer moving around. And Cocoa would not want to listen when he was called. Ran even further away. Naughty boy !!

In the end we all sat panting in the shade, ready to walk into the woods. There was a small stream, and I dared to wet my paws. Uh uh, am not used to that. Later we came by a lovely water fall and who ran to the edge almost slipping down? Cocoa again. So he had to go on the lead for the remainder of the stroll.

At the end, all exhausted from the heat, we were asked to sit down for a photo session. As if! We all still had ants in our bums. This is the best we could do:

Dolly (4), Paco (8), Aysha (12), Ginger (4), Cocoa (4) - © Aysha & Paco's Mum

Ops, am the only one with the tongue out ... 😊

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