Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Have been to the Groomer

Was at the groomer's today. What a relief to get all that hair off my skin. The coat on my back is quite rough, a bit like those wire-haired dogs, so it can only be trimmed every 3 months when it's long enough.

My groomer, dear Annamaria Wilhelm, is a friend of my previous owner in Romania, and she was instrumental in finding my new owners here in Switzerland. She is also a highly decorated breeder and certainly knows everything about Westies. 

I love the 45 mins car ride to our appointments, but I don't like the trimming on my back too much as my skin is rather sensitive. So I squeak a bit during that procedure, just to be called a drama queen (growl ...).  On the other side, I can quickly meet her three Westies and say hello. That's always nice. One of her pack was even a friend in Romania. We Westies get around, hu !

Annamaria also started the Facebook based organisation that helps Westie grommers in the Ukraine. Great job !!

Perfectly groomed Westie on a perfectly groomed lawn.

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