Tuesday, 10 May 2022

1 Year in Switzerland Today 🇨🇭

One year ago to the day, I embarked onto a long car ride of 18 hours from Transylvania in Romania via Hungary, Slovenia and Italia to Switzerland. What a ride, along with 2 other (em)barking Westies, and a few pit stops. I love to ride in a car, but they were a nuisance. Young kids, hu ...

We were declared customs at the border in Chiasso, Ticino, and shortly after I was handed over to my new family in Switzerland, Gabi and Alex. Oh, they smelled nice and greeted me so very friendly. They had a new foldable kennel for me on the back seat of their car, which made me feel comfortable straight away. And some nice treats.

From there, I napped all the way to my new home, which is in a village by a lake called Greifensee. It was spring, loads of flowering plants and green, and so many new smells. So much to process! 

I had lived most of my 3 ½ years of life in big gardens only, together with other Westies, which was good, too. But there was a whole new world out there for me to discover to the very day. And cats, and cows, horses, sheep, alpacas, and other dogs, birds to run after. And people. I'm loving it, my forever home. 💗


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