Tuesday, 1 March 2022

My name is not 'Cesar'!

Yesterday, I was nicely roaming the woods above the village where I live. We came across a man with his chirpy baby tied to his chest. 'Look, the doggie! Look, look!' he went on to his baby, pointing at me. I briefly looked up but wasn't too interested in his smells and slowly trotted off when he asked: 'What's he called, Cesar?" 

Oh dog, in my beautifully groomed coat HE should have noticed that I'm a SHE, pffff, and my name is Dolly. Hear me? Dolly! Though I'm pure-bred and pretty, I rather roll in fox-dung than getting my nose powdered for some TV commercial. But us Westies are just too cute, aren't we (wink)?

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