Friday 18 March 2022

Dolly - as in Dolly Parton or Dolly the cloned Sheep

I follow a large group of ~ 35'000 Westie-fans on Facebook, called 'Our Little World of Westie Love'. The other day this challenge was published: 

“Join The Challenge“
You have to publish a photo of your dog and another picture suggesting their name just that and nothing else. People then have to try and guess what your dog is called.
Good luck!

Here's a selection of names they guessed as my name seeing these two photos ..... hee hee:

Lambo, Sheep, Larry, Wooly, Eunice, Shawn, Hughie, Mar, Ram_bo, Ewe, Lamb Chops, Baa, Lemmy, Hew, Lamby, Shep, Baby, Shaun, Wholly, Baabie, and so on

The comparison could have been with Dolly Parton, but that would have been too easy, no?

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