Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Flower Power or - s'Primeli

Those beautiful primroses everywhere - flower power !
(psst, called 'Primeli' in that strange Swissgerman)

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Saturday, 26 March 2022

Swiss Spring Countryside Idyll

My morning walkies today. Did I sit still nicely? Yeah, I'm a good girl 😃
If you enlarge the photography you can see a cat on the edge of the shack's roof in the background. I met it later !

Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Kitchen Control

Ah, activities going on in the kitchen, so I better camouflage myself deep into the carpet outside to closely observe any crumbs falling on the floor that I can snatch. Can you spot me?

Friday, 18 March 2022

Dolly - as in Dolly Parton or Dolly the cloned Sheep

I follow a large group of ~ 35'000 Westie-fans on Facebook, called 'Our Little World of Westie Love'. The other day this challenge was published: 

“Join The Challenge“
You have to publish a photo of your dog and another picture suggesting their name just that and nothing else. People then have to try and guess what your dog is called.
Good luck!

Here's a selection of names they guessed as my name seeing these two photos ..... hee hee:

Lambo, Sheep, Larry, Wooly, Eunice, Shawn, Hughie, Mar, Ram_bo, Ewe, Lamb Chops, Baa, Lemmy, Hew, Lamby, Shep, Baby, Shaun, Wholly, Baabie, and so on

The comparison could have been with Dolly Parton, but that would have been too easy, no?

Tuesday, 15 March 2022

The Swan Ssssssong

In my younger days in Sweden and Romania I had never seen such a big bird, and here in Switzerland so far only from the distance. Curious as I am, I went closer and politely wanted to introduce myself as the new Westie by the lake. But this thing called swan wasn't too friendly and my owner had to rescue me before it attacked me. Ooh ooh, oh dear, now I know....

Hello Swan, I'm Dolly. What's your name?

Hissssss .... I'm not interesssssted in dogssssss !

Well, alright then, sorry for disturbing.

Sunday, 13 March 2022

Meeting a Golfer Labra-Doodle

Dolly: 'Oh hi, you're playing golf?'
Dog: 'Yes, can't you read it in my smell?'
Dolly: 'Not really, you must be a newbie. What's your handicap?'
Dog: 'My owners. They don't give me enough treats.'

Sunday afternoon walkies at Süessblätz-Highlands

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Helping Westie Breeders in Ukraine !

When this pitbull-faced boss of that big country in the East sent his troops into the Ukraine on February 24, 2022, my groomer, Westie breeder and Hungarian by origin, lovely Annamaria, started the group 'Help to Westie people from Ukrania' on Facebook to assist Westie-breeders and their dogs and puppies to find shelter in the surrounding countries. The group of people to offer room quickly grew and they are busy working to stay in touch and guide Westie-refugees on their way to helping hands in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Moldavia, Lithuania and many more countries. Get in touch to help, or donate.

Photo © Валерия Войнова (breeder Valeria Voynova, kennel Tory's Secret) while escaping with her dogs from Kiev

I know that any pet in the Ukraine on this difficult journey should be helped, and I am sure there are many other groups assisting already. I put my little paws together for every animal and human to survive this unbelievable tragedy! I wished I could beam you all over to Switzerland. 

My name is not 'Cesar'!

Yesterday, I was nicely roaming the woods above the village where I live. We came across a man with his chirpy baby tied to his chest. 'Look, the doggie! Look, look!' he went on to his baby, pointing at me. I briefly looked up but wasn't too interested in his smells and slowly trotted off when he asked: 'What's he called, Cesar?" 

Oh dog, in my beautifully groomed coat HE should have noticed that I'm a SHE, pffff, and my name is Dolly. Hear me? Dolly! Though I'm pure-bred and pretty, I rather roll in fox-dung than getting my nose powdered for some TV commercial. But us Westies are just too cute, aren't we (wink)?