Thursday, 13 January 2022

Hierarchy in the Boot?

We were car pooling driving up to the plateau on this sunny snowy winter's day for an afternoon walk with then pack. I drove with my buddies Cocoa and Ginger. Clever me, I managed to make it into Ginger's seat to the left, and you can see on Ginger's face that he's not too happy with this arrangement - teehee!

Comment of my owner: "De Schnäller isch de Gschwinder, hä ?!." (First come first serve, hu?!). Guess I should have been nicer to Gringer. Next time, buddy.

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Westie Zoomies

Cocoa and Ginger are half brother Havanese about my age. They became my buddies a few months after I had arrived in my new home in Switzerland. 

We 'go' well together, often roaming the fields and woods during our afternoon walkies, checking out pipes and holes. Great fun, great playing. Loving it...

I was born in Sweden 🇸🇪

© 2018 Louise Thomson, Sweden

"Devine & Smash Miss M" (Dolly) is my official name that I was given by Westie breeder Louise Thomson of Smash Kennel in Höganäs in the West of Sweden, just across the strait from Denmark. 

My birthday is the 19th of November 2017 (mark your calendars and send me a veal bone each year 😊).

My mother was "Devine & Smash Devil In Disguise" and Westie of the year 2016 in Sweden, and my father was called "Soya's Mans".

© Louise Thomson, Sweden
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Uhm, I certainly do have good genes.

I was an adventurous little puppy and I loved to carry my toy around, a stuffed grey rat from IKEA. Cute?

Photo courtesy of © 2018 Louise Thomson, Sweden